TV animation “I’d Die If the One I Support Makes It to the Budokan”‘s new trailer and key visual have been released. Additionally, Hondo Kaede, Ishihara Kaori, and Ichinose Kana’s will join as additional cast members. Furthermore, information about the opening and the ending themes has been released.

The original work of “I’d Die If the One I Support Makes It to the Budokan” has sold over 500,000 copies.
Eripiyo, a main character from Okayama, is a fanatic otaku of Maina, a member of a minor underground idol group called “ChamJam”, and she devotes her life to Maina. Eripiyo spends all of her earnings on her favorite idol, she thinks about her 24/7, and the sight of her shouting her favorite idol’s name at the top of her lungs has become a legend among otaku friends. She has become a presence in the fandom that everyone recognizes.
Legendary woman Eripiyo keeps saying, “I think I could die if Maina is able to stand on the stage at Budokan someday.” Her otaku activities continue, getting many otaku and idols involved.

The cast members including all members of “ChamJam” has been announced.
In addition to the announcement of Tachibana Hina, who plays a member of “ChamJam” called Ichii Maina, Hondo Kaede plays group leader Igarashi Reo, Hasegawa Ikumi plays calm, reliable Matsuyama Sorane, Enoyoshi Maya plays a sexy girl called Ogata Maki, Ishihara Kaori plays gentle girl Mimori Yumeri, Watada Misaki plays free-spirited girl called Teramoto Yuuka, and Itou Manami plays Yokota Humi, whose position in a group is like a sister. Additionally, Ichinose Kaya plays Rena, who is a sister of Eripiyo’s otaku friend Motoi.

Information of the opening and ending themes has been released as well.
The opening theme “Clover wish” will be sung by all 7 members of “ChamJam”, and composition and lyrics are by Watabe Shou, who is famous for “connect” and “crossing field”.
Fairouz Ai will cover “Momoiro Kata Omoi”, which is an originally Matsuura Aya’s popular song. The part of the look of Eripiyo singing with love to send amessage to Maina, who is in charge of “salmon pink” color, is used in the latest trailer.

TV animation “I’d Die If the One I Support Makes It to the Budokan” will be aired on TBS and other channels from Jan. 9,2020. Additionally, a video streaming service “FOD” starts an exclusive release of the anime from Jan. 10.
Both opening theme “Clover wish” and the ending theme “Momoiro Kata Omoi” will be on sale from Jan. 22, 2020.

<Full comments are listed below>

【Fairouz Ai, playing Eripiyo】
It is like a dream for me to have an opportunity to play the role of legendary otaku Eripiyo!
Among the several lines, I really enjoyed the conversation with Kumasa-san and Motoi-san, and it was so funny that I laughed several times during the recordings!
Please enjoy crazy performance of Eripiyo!

【Tachibana Hina, playing Ichii Maina】
“Oshi-Budou” is a wonderful work for people who has an experience of in love with someone which you can relate to and laugh at! It is my pleasure that I had an opportunity be involved in in a such a wonderful project which is full of love and kindness.

I am happy if the fans could find parts from the original work directly taken into anime, and I am happy if the appeal of “Oshi-Budou” is found by many people!

【Hondo Kaede, playing Igarashi Reo】
The girls who are working hard toward their dream are cute, aren’t they? The girls of “Cham” are cute, and of course, Reo, is one of them. I will do my best to play Reo, who is working hard both as a leader of the group and one individual idol.

“Oshi-Budou” is a work which both fans and me as a voice actress, can feel each other little bit (maybe a lot). Please check it out!

【Hasegawa Ikumi, playing Matsuyama Sorane】
My name is Hasegawa Ikumi, and I will be playing Matsuyama Sorane.
When I first read the original book, I was fascinated by the gap between the delicate and beautiful design and energy in the work. Sorane, a character I will be playing, looks calm, but also clumsy, and that is so cute about her. I was also fascinated by her attitude toward an idol.

I enjoy every recording, and I have been performing the role with my love and energy!
Comedy, energy, romance,… the work is full of many things.
I am happy if you enjoy and laugh with the work!

【Enoyoshi Maya, playing Ogata Maki】
My name is Enoyoshi Maya, and I will be playing Ogata Maki.
It is my pleasure to be given a role of Maki, because I wished to play her since I first read the original book.

I want both people who already have “favorite” and people who are trying to find the “favorite” to watch the anime. I believe you can find a scene which you will love!
Please cheer on both ChamJam and Eripiyo! Thanks in advance!

【Ishihara Kaori, playing Mimori Yumeri】
I read the original work at the time of an audtion, and I was surprised how I could relate so much to the work! The anime is full of charm and appeal from the original book, and the recordings are always filled with smiles!!

Everyone including the fans of the original work, the idols, idols themselves, and people who have no idea about the world of idols can enjoy the work!! Please watch the anime!

【Watada Misaki, playing Teramoto Yuuka】
I am Watada Misaki, and I will be playing the role of Teramoto Yuuka! I did my best in every episode!! While performing my own character, I was fascinated by the scenes which Yuuka showed honesty. I could relate saying, “I understand what you meant..” to the lines and the emotions of Fumi-kun, who is the fan of Yuuka.

There are other scenes which you can also relate to, and there will be favorite scenes for you! I hope you enjoy the anime together with your friends or quietly by yourself…Please imagine your “favorite” while watching the anime!

【Itou Manami, playing Yokota Fumi】
What a wonderful thing to cheer someoneand sharing energy together. Saying what you love out loud will create a world peace.

The work is full of love and exchange of energy. As a fan of the original book, I can’t wait to see how the characters of Mr. Auri move and talk. For those who has the “favorites” and for those who do not have the “favorites”, please enjoy the anime!

【Maeno Tomoaki, playing Kumasa】
The work is funny and depth. Thankfully, we are also the side of being cheered, I realized how the act of “cheer” contains power and energy.

I am a fan of a sport player, and there are many things that I can related to.
“Kumasa-san” is a new challenge for me, and please support both the original book and the anime.

【Yamaya Yoshitaka, playing Motoi】
I honesty thought it is incredible to love someone else who is not yourself. The attitude of wishing the happiness of someone is much more fascinating, honest, and bright, while making no request in return. Among the charming characters appearing in the anime, please pay extra attention to the performance of Fai-chan, who will be plyaing Eripiyo as an otaku. I can’t wait for the release.

【Ichinose Kana, playing Reina】
I is wonderful thing to honestly tell the feeling of “love”. A wish to cheer someone who is working hard, and on the other hand, a feeling to work hard to return something to people who are cheering for you.

The fans and the idols are affecting each other although their positions are different, and the work makes you wish tell someone that you love them and how wonderful that is .

(C) Hirao Auri・Tokuma Shoten/Oshi-Budou Production Committiee