“Voice actor×comedian” live entertainment “Ikevo live ~Yoru no gaya dori~” has been decided to be held and streamed for five consecutive nights from Jul. 13, 2020, to Jul. 17, 2020. More than 30 voice actors and comedians, including Kubo Yurika, who is known for the role Koizumi Hanayo from μ&apos in “Love Live”, Ito Kento, known for the role of Kannnonzaka Doppo in “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle”, Inoue Yusuke(NON STYLE), Mukai Seitaro(Tenshin), will try to pioneer “voice entertainment culture”.

“Ikevo live ~Yoru no gaya dori~” is the 4th project of streaming events with no audience based on Mixalive TOKYO Ikebukuro by TV TOKYO.
“Tamesu TV TOKYO Festival”, which has started from Jun. 26, has held and streamed the 1st project “Virtual Ikebukuro Strategy meeting with Tamura Atsushi! Who is the person from mirror world!”, the 2nd project “TV TOKYO festival 2020 with no audience”, and will hold the 3rd project VTuber drama”Watanukisanchi to” online event.

On this 4th project, voice actors and comedians will try novel projects such as “Oogiri atereco” and “audition to excavate new voice actor generation “, which combine voice actor culture and comedy culture. Their challenge to pioneer “voice entertainment culture” will be streamed for five days.

“Ikevo live ~Yoru no gaya dori~” will be open on 8 p.m. and starts on 9 p.m. from July. 13 to Jul. 17. The fee is 1,500 JPY(tax included), and the live will be streamed on “Streaming+ (e-plus)” and “Nico Nico Channel” (some part will be streamed for free). Check out special page for more detailes.