Sanrio’s next generation entertainment project **Warahibi!** will take off for real from August 12. It appears that Sanrio’s new stand-up comedians will debut with 6 pairs of 12 people. The show will feature Sawashiro Chiharu, Horie Shun, Komada Wataru as voice actors.

**Warahibi** is a story following the growth of 12 budding stand-up comedians from the fictional “Wahabiki Performing Arts Office”.
Welcoming a cast of truly popular comedians performing jokes together, the airing of the comedy anime featuring 6 pairs of stand-up comedians will be carried out through a 2.5D comedy live show on a real stage, this is a next generation comedy entertainment project.

The actors responsible for the unique voices and performances of the characters were selected through an audition totaling 500 people, which tested not only the suitability of their voice with characters, but also from their delivery of jokes and expression on stage. Other than the voice actors Sawashiro Chiharu, Horie Shun, and Komada Wataru, the cast will also feature a rich variety members such as the stand-up comedian duo from Ushiro City, and more.
In addition to lending their voices, actors will carry out a variety of activities such as delivering jokes on an actual comedy live show stage.

Additionally, jokes will be written with the cooperation of popular comedians including America Zarigani, Ojin Osborn, GroovyRubbish, Time Machine No.3, Date-san, Nagareboshi, Nasunakanishi and RubberGirl. The authentic joke and talk show will air on a special website.

**Warahibi!** is planned to release its program, event and comedy performances across several media outlets.
Also, a collaboration project titled “Anime Girls Special” will be carried out on November 9 and 10.

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