Key visuals for the upcoming 2020 TV anime “Maesetsu!: Opening Act” by illustrator, Yoshimizu Kagami known for “Lucky Star” were revealed. The main image shows the 4 main characters, whose goal is “to stand on the ultimate stage Namba Grand Kagetsu!”.

The production staff for the “young comedian girls' strenuous effort journey” includes Yoshimizu Kagami, known for his work in “Lucky Star”, Takegami Takao as animation supervisor, comedian Tenshi Mukai as skit supervisor, and Machida Touko and Gotou Shouta as skit producer. Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. will support the production in the planning stages.

The story follows 4 young girls that while working part-time jobs day and night, work towards their dream of becoming comedians. Despite their grand vision of making everyone happy through comedy, they can't seem to get any attention at first. With the goal of standing at the ultimate stage for comedians, the “Namba Grand Kagetsu “, they set out to start out small and grow from there. And so their first stepping stone is the Mugen Hall's lowest stage class in Shibuya, Tokyo.

In the anime, the characters form a pairs in order to perform double act comedy skits.
Kitakaze Fubuki (voice by Onishi Aguri) and Kogarashi Mafuyu (voiced by Aozora Naomi) duo name is “Tokonatsu”. Fubuki, who's dauntless and strong-willed, plays the funny man, while Mayufu, who dreamed of standing on the Namba Grand Kagetsu since children, do the straight man role.

Araya Rin (voice by Igarashi Hiromi) and Asougi Nayuta (voice by Nakamura Sakura) duo name is “R Deko”. Rin, who attended the Tokyo NSC school for comedians for a year, plays the straight man. Rin's classmate Nayuta, who works at an eel restaurant in Kawagoe, plays the funny man.

Kubasa Eru (voiced by Aida Asuka) and Waraino Arashi (voiced by Shimizu Ayaka), actual female high school students who won the high school comedy duo and affiliated at the Yoshimoto Gokyo, forms the duo “JK Cool”. Both of them do the funny man and straight man role based on the joke.

Mafuyu's 4 years younger sister,Kogarashi Manatsu (voiced by Takada Yuki) and her childhood friend, Kanari Kanae (voiced by Furuki Nozomi) forms the duo “Tsundora”. Manatsu, who is responsible and earnest, plays the straight man. Kanae, who makes exaggerated jokes, plays the funny man.

The real life comedian duo “Freak!” are also set to make a cameo on the anime. Signed to Yoshimoto Kogyo, both Tomita Junki and Ubu no Hatsuna will voice themselves.

TV Anime “Maesetsu!: Opening Act” is set to broadcast on 2020.

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