The plot summary and cutscenes from the first episode of the anime “Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga” have been officially revealed.

The anime series is based on the manga “Grappler Baki ” serialized in the Weekly Shounen Champion. The story is centered around the protagonist Hanma Baki, the youngest underground fight champion, and his father Hanma Yujiro, known as the “the strongest creature on earth”, as both faces epic and deadly battles against all types of fighters.

In the first episode titled “The grand tournament-opening!” Baki is taken back to China by Sea King Retsu after sustaining a lethal injury during a fight against Yanagi Ryukoh and his dirty tricks.

Despite being on the verge of dying Baki decides to take part in the Grand Raitai Tournament, held every 100 years to nominate a new Sea Emperor, which gathers all Sea Kings in China.

(C)Itagaki Keisuke (Akita Bookstore) / Baki Production Committee