It was decided that Netflix will have the exclusive streaming of the second season of Netflix original anime series “Baki the Grappler”, “Great Chinese Challenge arc” in 2020. Along with that announcement, a teaser art and PV were released.

The anime “Baki the Grappler” is a Netflix original anime series based on the martial arts manga by Itagaki Keisuke.
The plot focuses on the deadly battle of the youngest champion of the underground arena, Hanma Baki and his father, Hanma Yuujirou also known as “the strongest creature on Earth” and depicts the battle with various martial artists.
The “Most Evil Death Row Convicts arc” was streamed exclusively on Netflix in the summer of 2018, followed by a TV broadcast, and the “Great Chinese Challenge arc” is its second season.

The teaser art depicts a shocking scene of a near-death Baki cover in blood on the ground after being poisoned from the fight with Yanagi Ryuukou in the “Most Evil Death Row Convicts arc”.
As this work is filled with muscular strong foes, it will give a big impact as the greatest crisis in history as Baki is thin and lacking of muscle.

Moreover, in the teaser PV, Baki together with the other characters from the “Most Evil Death Row Convicts arc” such as Yuujirou, Oliva, Alai Jr., and Kozue had made an appearance. At the same time, the champion of the Great Chinese Challenge from 100 years ago, the strongest Kaioh, Kaku Kaioh can be seen as well.

“Baki the Grappler Great Chinese Challenge arc” will be streamed exclusively on Netflix in 2020.

(C) Itagaki Keisuke (Akita Shoten) / Bakii Production Committee