Second key visual and third PV from the TV anime series “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice” have been released.
At the same time, information about events, such as opening a shop for a limited time in Ikebukuro Marui, collaboration cafe, digital stamp rally, and “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice” Mr Love Exhibition “BE SHINY DAY 2020” in baseyard tokyo, have been announced

The TV anime series “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice” based on the Papergames love simulation game, which has downloads exceeding 90 million worldwide.
The protagonist is struggling to be a president and producer of a small video company “Miracle Finder”. One day she meets four “Evolver” (Evol Agents) who have different positions and personalities, and she gets caught up in the truth of her father’s death, the lost memories, and the huge secret behind it.

Four dark “boyfriends” are drawn on the key visual released this time.

The third PV, released at the same time, shows may dialogs between the protagonist (CV. Kanemoto Hisako), Haku (CV. Ono Yuuki), Zen (CV. Sugita Tomokazu), Simon (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke), and Kira (CV. Kakihara Tetsuya), and reveals part of a serious story in the end.

Moreover, it has been decided that a limited-time shop dedicated to the TV anime series “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice” will be open from Jul. 21, on the7th floor of the Ikebukuro Marui, in THE Character SHOP.
In addition to this, a digital stamp rally that crosses tie-up stores will start from Aug. 1, “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice” Mr Love exhibition “BE SHINY DAY 2020” will be held in baseyard tokyo in Harajuku, and from Aug. 19 a collaboration cafe will be set up at Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No. 4 store, so please come and visit and enjoy the anime.

(C) Mr Love/Paper Pictures/MAPPA