Information on the theme song for the TV anime “Koi to Producer -EVOL x LOVE-” has been announced. The OP theme will be sung by Miura Yutaro while Suzuki Konomi will be singing “Love and Producer featuring Konomi Suzuki” as the ED theme. Broadcasting will start on TOKYO MX and other channels from July 15, 2020.”Koi to Producer -EVOL x LOVE-” is based on the popular simulation game currently being distributed.
4 “Evolves” (super-evolved humans) in different positions and personalities appear in front of “me”. Through the encounter with them, “I” le3arn the truth about my father's death, my lost memory, and the huge conspiracy that lurks behind all that.

The OP theme is “Nibiiro no yoake” sung by singer-songwriter Miura Yutaro, and the ED theme is “Maiorite kita yuki” sung by Suzuki Konomi under the name of “Koi to producer featuring Konomi Suzuki”. We have received comments form both of them.

Also, from 21:30 on June 28, a live distribution program will be held on “”, a live distribution platform, featuring Director Sakai Munehisa, Sugita Tomokazu who plays Zen, and Hirakawa Daisuke who plays Simon. Details will be released soon.

The TV anime “Koi to Producer -EVOL x LOVE-” will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX on July 15, 2020.

<The following are full comment received>
Miura Yutaro
I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of the “4 unique individuals” who are the main characters.
They promote a simple, passionate image of protecting a single woman no matter what. The bond between them is stronger and warmer than anything else.
So I included the preciousness of human connection when writing the song.
I too can't wait for the airing. I hope to be able to enjoy the world of Koi Pro with all of you, the fans. Thank you.

Suzuki Konomi
After playing the original game, I was attracted to the main characters whose individual personalities are rich with character. I'm looking forward to the anime broadcast because I am interested about the next development in the mysterious story. The ED theme “Maiorite kita yuki” is a ballad that helps you to feel the delicacy of winter, and expresses the feelings of the main characters who want to take a step towards change.
I sang filled with the world of Koi Pro, so I hope you will enjoy it as well as the anime itself.
Suzuki Konomi