From the TV anime “Love and Producer~EVOL×LOVE~”, the key visual and the 2nd promotion video have been released.
Also, to commemorate it, the comments from the cast including Ono Yuuki (playing Haku), Sugita Tomokazu (playing Zen), Hirakawa Daisuke (playing Shimon), and Kakihata Tetsuya (playing Kira) arrived.

“Love and Producer~EVOL×LOVE~” is the TV anime originated from the romance simulation game of Papergames, which has recorded over 90 million downloads around the world.
The protagonist, who is the CEO and the producer of the small film company called “Kiseki Entertainment”, starts to be involved in the truth of his father’s death, his lost memory, and a large conspiracy behind it after meeting 4 “Evolver” (superhuman race) who have the different position in the society and personality with one another.

The key visual released this time depicts 4 dark “Kare” (man/boyfriend): Haku, who is the graduate of the protagonist’s high school and now a special EVOL policeman, Zen, who is the CEO of “Far Ray Group”, who invests on the protagonist’s business, Shimon, the authority scientist in the brain science whom the protagonist invites to the TV show, Kirara, who is the popular idol who invites the protagonist to appear in the show.

The 2nd promotion movie is produced by MAPPA (known for “Yuri!!! on ICE” and “BANANA FISH”) under the director Sakai Munehisa of “Zombie Land Saga”, and it’s increasing expectations toward the TV anime.

Furthermore, on YouTube, the comments from the 4 casts Sugita Tomokazu (playing Zen), Hirakawa Daisuke (playing Shimon), and Kakihata Tetsuya (playing Kira) have been revealed. Each cast answered 3 questions toward the broadcast of the TV anime.
Also, the goods of the TV anime have been decided, and they will be sold in the stores, including “MAPPA ONLINE STORE”.

The TV anime “Love and Producer~EVOL×LOVE~” will be broadcast in 2020.

(C) Love and Producer/ Paper Pictures/MAPPA