A part of a special segment, “Scene Select Visual Commentary” featuring Deku and Bakugo Katsuki's voice actors, Yamashita Daiki and Okamoto Nobuhiko from the Plus Ultra version of “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” Blu-ray & DVD set to go on sale on 15 Jul. 2020 onward has just been revealed.

Horikoshi Kouhei, the original manga artist of the work, was a supervising director and character artist for “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising”. The climax of the movie came from one of the ideas he had for the last battle in the original work and commented that, “In a way, this can be taken as BNHA's ending”.

In “Scene Select Visual Commentary”, voice actors that play Deku and Bakugo (Yamashita Daiki and Okamoto Nobuhiko) watch “highlight” scenes from the movie and comment on their thoughts on their characters as well as some secret post recording gossip. This is a special talk that can only be found in this segment.

The released footage features a few snippets from the special edition of the movie and shows them talking passionately and more in depth about “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising”.

“My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising”'s Blu-ray & DVD goes on sale on 15 Jul. 2020. The Plus Ultra version that contains the “Scene Select Visual Commentary” is priced at 7,800JPY (tax excl.) for Blu-ray and 6,800JPY (tax excl.) for DVD.

(C) Horikoshi Kouhei/Shueisha・My Hero Academia Production Committee