The online festival “Aniplex Online Fest” (Jul. 4 through Jul.5, 2020) brings the world the latest anime content by Aniplex Inc. All programs which will be in English and Chinese have been announced. There will be stages related to titles such as “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, “Sword Art Online”, “The Promised Neverland”, and “The Day I Became a God”, special talk shows with the voice actor group Sphere, etc.

“Aniplex Online Fest” will be held for 2 days (Jul. 4 through Jul. 5) and will feature a variety of content, such as talk shows with staff and cast members of anime titles and special comments & live performance footage of artists who are closely related to Aniplex titles. It is an online event that will be streamed to the world in English and Chinese on YouTube and bilibili.

Details of the event including the streaming schedule of each program and performers have been announced. In addition, the streaming of anime titles, such as “The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited”, “Super HxEros”, “Warlords of Sigrdrifa”, and “The Irregular at Magic High School Visitor Arc”, and talk shows with anime production staff have been announced.
Also, music artists Suzuki Masayuki, SixTONES, and Co shu Nie will be appearing at the festival.