The 2WAY Tote Bag for otaku worker, which can be used in both workplace and “venue”, is here. At a glance, it looks like a normal tote bag, but once you put an A4 sized clear file in it, it will transform into an “Ita Bag”.

The characteristics of the product “Choi-Itai Tote Bag” is that if otaku worker or otaku student went directly to the event venue from the workplace or school and also come with the function to change into an “Ita Bag” to fully appeal themselves.

Normally, it looks like a normal and plain tote bag that can be used everywhere but it had a large space where you can keep the fan on top of the safety design where you can hide the content with the zipper. Moreover, there are various ways to enjoy it as you can put inserting the A4 sized of your supporting character/person, and it also comes with a metal fixture at the handle, where you can hand your key holder.

Once the Novel CoronavirusCoronavrius situation had improved, why don't you use to bring in both your work and “supporting work”?
“Choi-Itai Tote Bag” is priced at 4,500 JPY (tax excluded) and is currently available at “Tokyo Otaku Mode Online Shop”.

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