The short gag anime “You’re An Idol?! Kekeko-chan”, directed by Daichi Akitarou, who is famous for “Gag Manga Weather”, “Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san”, “Ojarumaru”, and others, has started broadcast on Twitter. Voice actress Tadokoro Azusa will voice Kekeko, and anime will be broadcast up to 100 episodes.

“You’re An Idol?! Kekeko-chan” is a project that started when Daichi, who saw Tadokoro's sketch comedy live and comedy reading, thought, “I want to make a gag work together”.
It will be produced in remote work by forming a tag with Horipro, and will be updated in the future as announced at the end of the first episode “Kekiko appears ♪” “I will do up to 100 episodes of this animation!”

Voice: Tadokoro Azusa, Daichi Akitarou
Director: Daichi Akitarou
Music: Double Oats
Cooperation: Horipro International