Smartphone game “Monster Strike” and animation production company “Madhouse” launch their first collaboration project. The original short film “Zetsubou Funsai Shoujo∞Amida”, produced by the creators who had gathered together for this project, has been released.

“Zetsubou Funsai Shoujo∞Amida” is a short story, the video part was created by Madhouse, and the original story is written by “Monster”.
The plot is a modern-day when people who lost their ego due to rising negative emotions, commonly known as “despair people,” spread to society. In the heart of “despair people”, a monster parasitizes negative emotions and causes social problems through the host.
It depicts the action of the high school girl Amida, who has been appointed as a hero by the mysterious alien Infinity X, and defeats the monster with “image power” as a weapon.

For the first time, “Monster” teamed up with an animation production company to create a short film.
A freshly created girl band “Kaneyori Masaru” provides music that colors the world view of the work, and the heat energy was condensed in the short length.

On the special site, characters that appear in “Zetsubou Funsai Shoujo∞Amida” will be introduced, and gallery contents that will deepen the scenario for each scene of the main part. In addition, original drawings, rough drawings, background images, etc. are also available now.