A new promotional video of the newest animation short “SPECIAL EPISODE Sauna to Gohan to Sanrin Baiku” included in the Blu-ray&DVD of “Heya Camp” gets released. Toyama Nao, who voices Shima Rin, has also commented on the series. Additionally, it’s been announced that Sakurai Takahiro will play Rin’s father, Shima Ayumu. His voice can be heard during the PV.

“Heya Camp” is the latest short spin-off of the anime “Yuru Camp”, broadcasted from Jan. to Mar. 2018.
The Outdoors Activities Club at Motosu High School is a laid back place located in a narrow corner inside the school’s building.
While Kagamihara Nadeshiko is killing time there, Ogaki Chiaki and Inuyama Aoi suddenly barge into the small room announcing: “We’re going out on an adventure”. Tagging along, the still confused Nadeshiko with them, and the members of the Outdoor Activities Club start traveling throughout Yamanashi prefecture. What are the high school students up to in this incident-filled journey​?

The PV released contains footage of the “SPECIAL EPISODE Sauna to Gohan to Sanrin Baiku” recorded in DVD & Blu-ray. The now short-haired Rin is seen traveling around in her tricycle, enjoying hot springs and flavoring delicious food.

The short anime “Heya Camp” will be released in May. 27, 2020 in Blu-ray & DVD.

Also, a special event featuring the main cast of the series, Hanamori Yumiri(Kagamihara Nadeshiko), Toyama Nao(Shima Rin), Hara Sayuri(Ogaki Chiaki), Toyosaki Aki(Inuyama Aoi), and Takahashi Rie(Saito Ena), is scheduled to be held on Nov. 29. The Blu-ray & DVD will include special forms for acquiring the tickets of the event in advance.

(C)Afro – Houbunsha/Outdoor Activities Club