Tokusatsu drama “Kamen Rider Zero-One” and “Mashin Sentai Kiramager” announced that they will postpone the broadcast of new episodes due to the spread of novel Coronavirus. For the broadcast on May 17, “Zero-One” will broadcast the special episode which reviews the battles held so far, and “Kiramager” will broadcast the movie “Episode ZERO” for the first time on TV.

They decided to postpone the broadcast since there are big changes to the recording schedules of “Kamen Rider Zero-One” and “Mashin Sentai Kiramager”, due to the spread of novel Coronavirus. In addition to the announcement, the schedules later than May 17 also has been revealed.

“Zero-One” will broadcast the special episodes which summarized the birth of Zero-One up to the ongoing battle for 3 weeks. The broadcasts of May. 17 and 24 are titled “President Special PART.01&PART.02”, and the story will be narrated from the perspectives of Zero-One/Hiden Aruto and the assistant Human Gear Is.
The story progresses with the interaction of the two, which was recorded specially for this episode, and the interaction itself contains “a drama” in it. What kind of drama is hidden in here?
The broadcast of May 31 is titled “Shooting Special” and will be narrated from the perspective of Kamen Rider Balkan/Huwa Isamu. The episode contains a dynamic battle scene.

“KIramager” will broadcast the movie “Episode ZERO”, which depicted the beginning of Kiramager, for the first time on TV. The movie had been released on Feb. and it can already be enjoyed on TV at home.
On May. 24, they will broadcast “Releasing hidden cuts from Episode 1 and 2: Start Dash Once Again SP”. This special episode will release secret cut-scenes based on episodes 1 and 2.

Both programs also announced that they are planning the following special episodes .The schedules for the new episodes will be announced as soon as it will be decided.

“Mashin Sentai Kiramager”
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