Voice actor Kimura Subaru has released a lyric video of the original song “Fake Originality” on his YouTube channel “TGBK TV”.

“Fake Originality” is the song recorded for Animate limited bonus CD of the 30th memorial book “SUBA ROOTS” that will be released on Jun. 29, Kimura's birthday.
It's a completely original song and the lyrics are filled with Kimura's encounters, respect for rap, and love.

The animation video of the lyric video released on “TGBK TV” that fits such name “Fake Originality” was created by Anraku Ryo and DEG from the film production group “Sunekaziri STUDIO”.

The place, people, and other elements that reminiscent of Kimura's life were scattered around finishing the impression of the feelings contained in the lyrics.

Kimura Subaru 30th Memorial Book “SUBA ROOTS” comes with Animate limited bonus CD costs 4,950 JPY (tax included).
The limited bonus CD will also include more original songs, not only “Fake Originality”.

Kimura Subaru 30th Memorial Book “SUBA ROOTS” with Animate limited bonus CD * “Fake Originality” and other songs
Release date: Jun. 29, 2020
Price: 4,950 JPY (tax included)