It has been decided that a completely remote audio distribution by telework of the recitation drama “A Moment to Remember” that has been recording a long run for more than 10 years from 2010 will be implemented.

This work was reborn as a recitation drama from the Korean movie “A Moment to Remember” , which was born as a Yomiuri TV-Nippon TV series drama “Pure Soul” and became a big hit as a remake.

It was planned to be the 12th performance in 2020, but, unfortunately, the performance was canceled. But the production team’s after thinking, “We want, somehow, to deliver the excitement of “A Moment to Remember” to viewers!”, made it into a completely remote , and teleworked audio distribution.
A message from Scriptwriter/Producer Okamoto Takaya has arrived.

Starring Kaji Yuki x Takagaki Ayahi, Kato Kazuki x Ikoma Rina, Hirose Tomoki x Taketatsu Ayana, Fukuyama Jun x Manaka Ayu.

“A Moment to Remember” will be broadcast on Nico Nico Douga from late April to early May. Details have been announced on the official blog.