The original TV Anime “Norimono Mobile Land's Car-kun”, which depicts the children beloved “norimono (transportation)” as cute characters, is decided to be broadcast from Apr. 2, 2020 in NHK E TV's mini anime slot. The casts are Takagi Ayahi, Hayasui Shou, etc. and we had received their comments as well.

“Norimono Mobile Land's Car-kun” is an original TV anime by SONY MUSIC and ANIPLEX.
Car-kun arrives at “Mobile Land”, an island where “norimono” live in and he started out as an “Otodokeya (Courier)” who deliver the baggage to the various “norimono”. There are times where he was disturbed by Sabibii, who wanted to make everyone to be rusted but he is trying his best as an Otodokeya. Which “norimono” will he encounter today?

The casts of the “norimono” of “Mobile Land” were announced. Takagi Ayahi is the cast of the red sport car who is working as an Otodokeya, Car-kun and Hayasui Shou as Sabibii who is trying to increase his own friend by using the rust beam at the “norimono”.
Other casts are Maruyama Yuka as Kyuu-chan, Majima Junji as Pappon, Botan Sakura as Purin-chan, Hiyama Nobuyuki as Ponpu, Mizuda Wasabi as Dasuton, Genda Tesshou as Oya-chan, and Satou Setsuji as DJ Navi.

The animation staff is Sasaki Shinobu (“Duel Master” series) as the director, Narita Yoshimi (“PreCure” series) as the series composer, Watabe Cheru (“Onegai Melody” series) is in charge of the music. The animation studio is Clover Works who handled “The Promised Neverland”, “Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito Yo” movie, etc.

TV anime “Norimonoman Mobile Land's Car-kun” will broadcast from Apr. 2, 2020 at NHK E TV mini anime slot.

<Below are the full comments>
【Car-kun, voice by Takagi Ayahi】
Car-kun is an energetic sports car!
He delivers baggage to various norimono as an Odotokeya in Mobile Land!
Car-kun is filled with curiosity, he will help any norimono when they are in difficulty and he always does his best!
I will try my best voicing that Car-kun as if he energizes me.
It will be an interesting work where both children and adults will smile.
The catchphrase is “Gotta be GO!!!”
Please listen to the opening music that is sang by Car-kun!

【Sabibii, voice by Hayasui Shou】
It really is an interesting work.
The story and characters which are suitable for both children and adults will surely be of use in our daily lives.
The Sabibii that I am voicing, is a bit naughty but he is lonely, so he is an existence(?) that should be loved.
Do support us by watching it in front of the TV.

(C)Norimonoman Project