“Seiyu Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2020”, which was scheduled for May 2, 2020, was canceled due to the spreading of the new coronavirus and the government's request for self-restraint.
The organizer of this event, voice actor Nakata Jouji, posted a message towards the staff, fans, and other voice actors who were supposed to appear on stage, “This coronavirus really pisses me off! Let's work together and bring this to an end asap.”

“Seiyu Kouhaku Uta Gassen” was organized by Nakata Jouji, following the voice actors becoming more active not only in their voicing profession but also in their activities as singers. The singers that appear in this event are “only voice actors”.

The 1st event “Seiyu Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2019” had Inoue Kikuko-san, Inoue Honoka-san, Iwao Junko-san, Kasahara Hiroko-san, Komatsu Mikako-san, Nakagawa Shouko-san, Hidaka Noriko-san, Hirano Aya-san, and Yokoyama Chisa-san, as the red team. And as the white team, Inoue Kazuhiko-san, Uchida Naoya-san, Ootsuka Akio-san, Kuroda Takaya-san, Seki Tomokazu-san, Takeuchi Shunsuke-san, Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san, Hirakawa Daisuke-san, and Horiuchi Kenyuu-san. The hosts of the event were Suwabe Junichi-san and Ueda Kana-san.

“Seiyu Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2020”, which would have been the 2nd event, was planned to have Asumi Kana-san, Inoue Kikuko-san, Orikasa Ai-san, Kasahara Hiroko-san, Shimamoto Sumi-san, Serizawa Yuu-san, Tanaka Rie-san, Hidaka Noriko-san, and Yukana-san, as the red team. And as the white team, Itou Kentarou-san, Inoue Kazuhiko-san, Ono Yuuki-san, Kosugi Juurouta-san, Seki Toshihiko-san, Seki Tomokazu-san, Takeuchi Shunsuke-san, Tachiki Fumihiko-san, Nakao Ryuusei-san, and Yamamoto Kazutomi-san. The hosts of the event would have been Koyama Rikiya-san and Oohara Sayaka-san, but the event was called off on Apr. 6, 2020.

Nakata-san said on Twitter, “I want to thank the staff that worked hard on the casting, etc., the fans who supported us by booking tickets and were looking forward to the event, and the members who left their schedule open for this event,” and followed with, “This coronavirus really pisses me off! Let's work together and bring this to an end asap.”

Many voice actors and fans replied to this tweet.
Saiga Mitsuki-san, “I know this is frustrating… Let's make our next event even more exciting!!” Uchida Naoya-san, “I want to thank you all too! I guess we have to bear this situation.” And Orikasa Ai-san, “It was unfortunate. I really was looking forwards to meet you all! Let's get over this crisis together! I hope to see you all soon.”