On Apr. 8, 2020, the actor Matsuzaka Toori tweeted on Twitter, “I am into FFIX now. I personally love IX themost”, and continued, “I love it as much as I love Zinnerman from UC”. He talked about Suberoa Zinnerman, a character appears in “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn”'s OVA, and it became a hot topic that ranked in the trend of Twitter.

Matsuzaka-san had made debut as an actor as Shiba Takeru (A.K.A Shinken Red) from “Samurai Sentai Shinkenger”, and since then, he appeared in several movies and dramas. He is also known as a serious player of “Yu-Gi-Oh!”'s smartphone game called “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links”.

A week has passed since he updated his Twitter timeline on Apr. 8, 2020. The tweet said, “I am into FFIX now. I personally love FFIX the most. I love it as much as I love Zinnerman in UC”.

The comments to his tweet said, “I apologize! I don't understand what you mean!”, “I have no idea what you are talking about, but I knew that you are talking about a video game?”, “I seriously have no idea, but I love you”, “Are you looking forward to the remake of FFVII?”, “Matsuzaka-san, are you going to buy 7's remake which will be in stores the day after tomorrow, am I correct?”, and the official account of “Monthly Gundam Ace” also commented on this by saying, “Thank you for loving Zinnemann!!! (I personally love VIII or X)”.

Also, because “Zinnerman” ranked in the trend because of Matsuzaka-san's action, the official account of “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” commented, “I am late, but because Zinnerman ranked in the trend, I picked up few scenes from UC episode 4 (Production by: Nakajero)”, and posted the character designs draft of Zinnerman.

Other than that, the comments from many Gunam fans said, “I laughed out loud because Zinnerman ranked became a hot topic because of Matsuzaka Toori's tweet”, “I love Matsuzaka Toori, who loves Zinnerman”, “I love Matsuzaka Toori even more now because he loves Zinnerman from UC”, “I am sure that everyone will like Matsuzaka Toori after looking at this situation. Zinnerman is a manly male that the males admire”, and “As I expected, Matsuzaka Toori gets it”.

(C) Sotsu・Sunrise