The editorial department of Shueisha's “Weekly Shonen Jump” has announced that one of the employees in the 40s is suspicious of COVID-19 infection, on Apr. 8, 2020. Accompanied by the current situation, considering the risk of the contagion, the editorial department of “Weekly Shonen Jump” decided to suspend all works temporarily.

The “Weekly Shonen Jump” official website announced that “Now, Apr. 8, 2020, there is a suspicion of COVID-19 infection from an employee in 40s, from the editorial department of “Weekly Shonen Jump”. The employee stopped coming to office since Apr. 2 when the symptom of fever first appeared. The employee is currently remaining at the house after the medical check-up from a medical institution and waiting for the PCR inspection. Regarding the work, the employee is not in a position that involves direct meetings with the author.”

Followed by, the website clearly stated that the sales of the “Weekly Shonen Jump” are postponed saying, “Although Shueisha from Apr. 6 has ordered all employees to work at home to prevent further spreading of infection, considering the risk of infection between authors and partakers, will suspend the editorial department of “Weekly Shonen Jump” from all work temporarily.” With the explanation of the current situation, the website continued, “Therefore, the sale of “Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 21” (Digital and Hard Copy) is postponed a week after from the original release date of Apr. 20 to Apr.27, and will be renumbered as “Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 21-22 Combined”. Also, “Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 20″ will be on sale from Apr. 13 as scheduled.”

The editorial department of “Weekly Shonen Jump” apologized to the readers, saying, “We sincerely apologize to all readers who are waiting for the weekly entertainment, for bringing confusion and causing an inconvenience.”
Together with this, the department also posted a message saying, “In an anxious situation of virus infection, considering the health and safety of authors and partakers as first, please understand that we are trying our best to support authors to continue their work. We are trying the most to deliver manga that brighten everyone's heart.”