It was announced that the release of the movie “Mobile Police Patlabor – the Movie 4DX” is postponed from planned date Apr. 17, 2020. The decision is made based on the explanation, “According to the infection status of novel coronavirus, along with the specified policy from Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters.”

The postponed “Mobile Police Patlabor – the Movie 4DX” is a 4DX version of the “Mobile Police Patlabor” first movie version. The realism of the battle at Tokyo Bay can be experienced via the various mechanisms such as the movement of the motion seats, water, wind, flashes, etc. based on the movie scene. It is held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the movie's release in 1989.

The new date of release will be announced on the official website, official twitter, etc. as soon as it is decided.

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