The School Idol group, Aqours from the School Idol Project, “Love Live! Sunshine!!” which had various media development, will celebrate its 5th anniversary on Jun. 30, 2020. As a commemoration for it, they had announced the latest project, titled “Aqours 5th Anniversary Jimoai! (Love toward local) Take Me Higher Project”.

Aqours is the idol group that the protagonists are affiliated in the work, and the casts also perform activities under the same group name.
In the 5th Anniversary project, “Aqours 5th Anniversary Jimoai! Take Me Higher Project”, it was decided that Aqours will have their Dome Tour which is the first in the Love Live! series.

Moreover, various music merchandise will be released gradually inclusive of the CD of the Dome Tour's theme song.
Each character will have their solo album on their birthday starting with Takami Chika on Aug. 1, 2020, and on Oct. 2020, Aqours's first best album is scheduled to be released.
Other than that, it was revealed that production “Aqours Duo Trio Collection Vol. 2” and the establishment of “Aqours CLUB 2020”, which will provide various services, are decided.

At the same time, the “Love Live! Sunshine!!” 5th Anniversary Exhibition is also decided and it scheduled to be held in Pacifico Yokohama's Conference Centre from Jul. 2020 onward.

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