A teaser illustration for the new series of “Love Live!” has been released. At the same time, on Mar. 12th, 2020, the auditions for the role of one of the main cast members have been opened to the general public. Furthermore, the process for both the school voting and the vote for what song will get used for the auditions have been clarified.

“Love Live!” is a series that has spanned all kinds of media since 2010, using the key phrase “a story that can be fulfilled by everyone” as its motto. The new project was launched Jan. 2020, and a TV anime has already been announced.

In addition to the TV anime, the new series is also holding an audition open for the public for one of the main characters.
As of Mar. 16th “LoveLive! Days Love Live! Sogo Magazine” will be holding two votes. Readers will be able to vote for the name of the school where the new story will take place. They'll also be able to vote for the song that will be used for the second stage of the audition process starting on the same day.