A new visual and background samples of “Garu Gaku: St. Girls Square Academy”, an original anime which will be broadcast on TV Tokyo “Oha Suta” from Apr. 6, have been released.

The characters of “Garu Gaku: St. Girls Square Academy” will be voiced by the 9 members of the next-gen girls' performance group “Girls²”, that has just debuted in 2019. This is the first time “Oha Suta” has 9 “Oha Girls”.
The story is based on their success story and the cast members will be voicing themselves. Don't miss out on their activities both in the real world and the anime world.

The animation is supervised by Kyougoku Naohiko of “Love Live!”, directed by Akagi Hiroaki of “Teasing Master Takagi-san”, and the animation will be handled by OLM×WIT STUDIO.

The story is set at St. Girls Square Academy, where they train professional star performers. Only the ones who make it through the auditions held at the Girls Studios all over the country can attend this school. The students make teams and work hard towards their dream to perform at the “Girls Arena” stage, which is held once a year!
However, only 1 of the teams can perform at the stage. Which team will fulfill their dream? The story of the girls' dreams and friendship begins here!

The TV anime “Garu Gaku: St. Girls Square Academy” will be aired during “Oha Suta”, which is currently broadcast from 7:05 am on TV Tokyo channels, from Apr. 6, 2020, every Monday.

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