From “Kamen Rider Kuuga”, which marks its 20th anniversary since its broadcast, “Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form”, being popular as the 1st Heisei Masked Rider, has been recreated under the “Ultimate Article” series. Pre-order is available at “Premium Bandai”.

This product recreates the Mighty Form Kuuga in a large scale of about 40cm. The figure is created with ultimate details, from the Lint Language carved in the body to the small details of the mask, which give it a tremendous presence.

Also, LED gimmick on the body recreated the super ancient energy stored all over the body. By turning the switch 1, Compound Eyes (forehead), Symbol Point (forehead), and Arcle (belt) slowly shine, and by turning the switch 2, the fast spinning glowing action will be recreated as well.
Furthermore, the strong “Henshin” (changing) posture and the familiar “thumbs up” can be recreated by switching into the optional arms.

“Ultimate Article Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form” is priced at 30,800 JPY (tax included), and pre-order is available at “Premium Bandai”. The shipping is scheduled on Sept. 2020.

(C) Ishimori Production・TOEI