“Kamen Rider Metal Build” from V-Cinequest's “Build NEW WORLD Kamen Rider Grease,” a spin-off version of “Kamen Rider Build” is appearing as part of the S.H Figuarts series. It will be available for the preorder at “Premium Bandai” from Mar. 19, 2020 4:00 p.m.

This product is different from “Kamen Rider Build Rapid Rabbittank Hazard Form,” as both eyes are reproduced in the form of Tank. Also, this action figure includes changeable head-parts, bottles, and weapons that could be shared with the “Kaizokuressya Hazard Form” and “Keydragon Hazard Form.” This allows retrofit as “Kamen Rider Build.”

The price of “S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Metal Build” is 7,150 Yen (Tax Incl.) and will be available for preorder at “Premium Bandai” from Mar.19, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. Delivery is scheduled for Aug. 2020.

(C)Ishimori Pro/TV Asahi/ADK EM/Toei