A business backpack with the design based on the 'TAKESHI' logo from “Kamen Rider Hibiki” has been introduced. It's available for order at “Premium Bandai”.

The product is a business backpack which could hold items of B4 size. The color is a calm, darkish grey, which is perfect for everyday use. The main part of the bag uses a lock slider which would open and closes only when the handle is pulled. There's also a quick pocket at the top which would allow the user to immediately take out small items with ease. It's designed to be used conveniently.

The price of “Kamen Rider Hibiki Business Backpack TAKESHI” is 10,450 yen (tax included). It's available for order at “Premium Bandai”, and the shipment is scheduled on May 2020.

(C) Ishimori Pro / Toei