The characters who appear in the anime “Kiratto Pri Chan” Season 3 (starting from Apr. 5, 2020) have been announced. The names of “Mega Nii” (CV: Suwabe Junichi), the character who is familiar in “Pretty Series”, Alice (CV: Fairouz Ai), and “Eve” (CV: Sashide Maria) are listed.

The latest series of “Pretty Series” called “Kiratto Pri Chan” is the story about the protagonist “Mirai” and her friends turning her home called “Kira Yado” into the amusement park, “Pri Chan Land” in the world of the Virtual Reality. The competition to choose the next idol queen called “Princess Cup” is held here, and Mirai's group tries to become the “Luminous Queen” while raising the group mascot by using the new item “Pri Tama Go”.

This time, it has been announced that as the cast master who is in charge of the guides of “Pri Chan Land”, “Mega Nii” will make the appearance in the anime. Also, as the new characters from the 3rd season, the part-time worker of “Pri Chan Land” “Alice” (CV: Fairouz Ai) and her mascot “Solulu” (CV: Saika Mitsuki), the CEO of “Pri Chan Land” called “Eve” (CV: Sashide Maria) and her mascot “Luluna” will appear in the anime.

The anime “Kiratto Pri Chan” Season 3 will start from Apr. 5, 2020 on 6 TV Tokyo-related channels.

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