The cast members of the 3 mascot characters from the 3rd season of the TV anime “Kiratto Pri Chan” (beginning in Apr. 2020) have been announced. The cast members are: Yamashita Nanami as Kiracchu, Oomori Nichika as Melpan, and Tanaka Miu as Rabiri.

“Kiratto Pri Chan” is the latest title of the anime “Pretty Series”.
It depicts Mirai, Emo, and Rinka, who form the middle school girl group “Miracle Kiratts”, working towards becoming the “Top Pri Chan Idols” on the entertainment broadcasting system “Pri Chan”.

In the 3rd season, Kira Yado turns into the VR amusement park “Pri Chan Land”, and the contest to decide the next-gen idol queen “Princess Cup” is being held there.
Mirai and her friends use a new item called “Pri Tama GO” and raise their mascot for the group to become the “Illuminage Queen”.

3 new cast members as the mascots have been announced.
Yamashita Nanami as Kiracchu, the mascot of Mirai and her friends' group “Miracle Kiratts”, Oomori Nichika as Melpan, the mascot of the rivaling team “Meltic Star”, and Tanaka Miu as the mysterious mascot Rabiri.

Season 3 of the TV anime “Kiratto Pri Can” will start in Apr. 2020, and a toy of the key item in this season, “Pri Tama GO”, is scheduled to be released in Jul. 2020, at the price of 6,500JPY (tax excluded).

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