Unfortunately, the release date of the movie “Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” has been postponed in light of the recent situation regarding the novel coronavirus. However, the original release date, Mar. 20, 2020, will still be used to distribute a special online program featuring cast member Yuuki Aoi, and more.

The story for the new series “Healin' Good PreCure” will feature 13 characters spanning 3 Precure generations.
The precures get caught in “the world of today” by the spirit of “yesterday”, Refrain. In order to reach “tomorrow” and protect Miraclun, the precures will do fight hard to escape the time loop.

Just like the children and fans who were looking forward to the release of the movie, the cast has also been looking forward to the Mar. 20 release. Therefore, the “Healin' Good PreCure” cast members, Yuuki Aoi, Yorita Natsu, Kono Hiyori, “Star Twinkle PreCure” cast member Naruse Eimi, and “Hugtto! PreCure” cast member Hikisaka Rie will team up for a special online program that will be simultaneously broadcast on the official Twitter & PreCure Youtube channel.

The program will feature, alongside reports on the completion of the movie, special talks with performers who got to view the movie early. In addition, the program will feature the first part of the movie, and significant announcements in connection to the program will be made.

The program will be filled with behind the scenes footage of the dubbing process for over 40 people. You won't be able to see or hear this kind of content brimming with love and passion anywhere else.

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