From “Aikatsu! series!”, the bag charms inspired by the premium dress has been announced. Pre-orders are available at Animate stores in Japan, Animate Online Shops, and MOVIX mail-order shopping.

This time, Vol.1 and Vol.2 will be released. In Vol.1, 6 bag charms inspired by Hoshimiya Ichigo, Kiriya Aoi, Shibuki Ran, Kanzaki Mizuki, Fujidou Yurika, and Ichinose Kaede will be in the line-up.

Hoshimiya Ichigo's bag charm is based on the premium dress “Aurora Kiss Code”, a dress which Ichigo received right after she changed holding spatula to a microphone. Cute ribbon, angel wings, and beautiful aurora-color heart represent her passion for activities as an idol.

Also as Vol.2, 5 more bag charms inspired by Ozora Akari, Hikami Sumire, Shinjou Hinaki Yuuki Aine, and Minato Mio will be added to the line-up.

Ozora Akari's bag charm design represents white clouds in a blue sky, and it is called “White Sky Veil Code” from the brand “Dreamy Crown”. With the wings on the back, Akari delivering a smile from the sky can be seen.

“Bag Charm Premium Rare Dress Selection”is priced at 2,750 JPY for both Vol.1 and Vol.2. Pre-orders for Vol.1 are available until Jan. 22, 2020, and the pre-orders for Vol.2 are available until Feb. 26, 2020.