On Oct. 1, 2020, Nakamura Yuuichi, the voice actor who is known for playing Karamatsu in “Osomatsu-san”, Shiba Tatusya in “The Irregular at Magic High School”, and Saotome Alt in “Macros Frontier”, announced his his change of talent agency to “Intention”, where the voice actor Suzumura Kenichi works as the CEO.
It is currently a hot topic as it ranked on the top of Twitter’s trend.

Nakamura Yuuichi announced his change in talent agency from “Sigma Seven” to “Intention” by posting on his Twitter; “From today I will move to new office Intention. I would like to thank all members from Sigma Seven for being so nice”.

His new office “Intention” is run by the CEO Suzumura Kenichi, the voice actor who is known for playing Iyami from “Osomatsu-san”, Takehisa Hinawa from “Fire Force”, and holds many popular voice actors and actresses including Sakurai Takahir (known for Osomatu from “Osomatsu-san” and Tomioka Giyuu from “Demon Slayer: KImetsu no Yaiba”), Touyama Nao (known for Shima Rin from “Yuru△Camp” and Reina Browler from “Macros Delta”) and Asai Ayaka (known for Katou Hazuki from “Sound! Euphonium” and Hayasaka Mirei from “Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls”).

The word “Intention” ranked on the top of the Twitter trend after the announcement was made.
There were many responses from the fans, including the following comments: “The talent page of Intention is too powerful”, “Is it true that Yuu-kyan (nickname for Nakamura Yuuichi) moved to Intention!? Intention is too powerful”, “The power of Intention increased so much”, “The Intention talents became too powerful now”, and “I can’t believe that Nakamura Yuuichi is now a member of Intention…Intention is now a wonderful talent agency where Sakurai Takahiro and Nakamura Yuuichi belong at the same time”.