New cast members of the live-action “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” film has been revealed. The young actors, Hamabe Minami, Itagaki Mizuki, Sakurada Hiyori, and Akaso Eiji, turn into super unique characters on the screen.

“Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” is based on the manga serialized in “Monthly Big Comic Spirits” by Oowara Sumito. It depicts 3 high school girls working on animation to realize their “greatest world”.
The “Dengeki Trio” are played by Saitou Asuka as Asakusa Midori, Yamashita Mizuki as Mizusaki Tsubame, and Umezawa Minami as Kanamori Sayaka, in both live-action adaptions, the TV drama series and the film.

Hamabe Minami, Itagaki Mizuki, Sakurada Hiyori, and Akaso Eiji were announced as the unique characters belonging to the peculiar club activities of Shibahama high school, the same as the Eizouken members.

Their roles are Hamabe as Haruko, the outstanding member of the “Weather Research Club”, Itagaki as Ono, the robot loving “Robot Research Club” member who asks Eizouken to create a robot anime. Akaso as Kobayashi who belongs to the same “Robot Research Club” as Ono and Sakurada as Doumeki the “Acoustics Club” member who works on the anime production along with Eizouken. What kind of acting battle will be developed by the up and coming young actors of 2020 and the Eizouken trio, Saitou, Yamashita, and Umezawa?

Also, Matsumoto Wakana and Yamanaka Satoshi were cast as Mizusaki's (played by Yamashita) parents.
A great cast is working on this movie.

The live-action “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” TV drama will be aired on “Doramaism” of MBS/TBS from Apr. 5 on MBS, and Apr. 7 on TBS. The movie will be released in nationwide movie theaters from May 15, which is the next weekend after the end of the broadcast of the TV drama.

(C)2020 “Eizouken” Live-action Movie Project Strategy Meeting (C)2016 Oowara Sumito / Shogakukan