The manga “Hagure Idol Jigokuhen” is set to get a live-action adaptation movie. The protagonist, Haebaru Misora, will be played by Hashimoto Rina and it will be released in Autumn of 2020 in Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa and others.

“Hagure Idol Jigokuhen” is a manga by Takatoo Rui and is currently being serialized in “Manga Goraku Special”. It depicts the life of protagonist, Haebaru Misora, a bikini model and also a karate user, in the entertainment world.

The main cast will be played by Hashimoto Rina who is currently active as a bikini model. It is the perfect cast for Misora who has healthy tanned skin. The directing will be handled by Shouji Tsuyoshi, known for “Kenka Banchou the Movie: Badass Rumble” etc.

A cut-scene featuring the battle against 100 people was released. It is a weird situation as she is in her karate outfit, surrounded by men in their briefs. Moroever, 2 cut scenes featuring Hashimoto Rina in sexy appearances were also announced.

<Below are the full comment>
【Haebaru Misora, played by Hashimoto Rina】

I am playing Haebaru Misora from the live-action version of “Hagure Idol Jigokuhen”.

I'm “Japan's Number 1 dark-skinned Bikini Idol ~Naniwa's Black Diamond”, Hashimoto Rina.
At first, I honestly thought that it was a trick when they announced that I was going to play the main cast of the live-action adaptation of the manga.
I started off being suspicious of my surroundings (haha).
I was quite surprised at my resemblance to Misora-chan when I first saw her illustration!
I still remember the efforts that I underwent as if it was just yesterday, to gain the recognition of the original manga's fans that Misora-chan can be played by me alone, regardless of the appearance.
After I received his offer, my daily routine has significantly changed as I am attending acting class, action class and karate class, 4 months prior to the movie filming.
Because of the guidance from the strong-willed teachers, director, staff and co-stars, I am able to finish the filming successfully despite starting with nothing.
This is my first main cast film for which I have exerted all my efforts!!
This is a film that is packed with laughter, sexiness and passionate scenes.
I hope you will enjoy this at the cinema!

( C ) 2020 “Hagure Idol” Production Committee
“Hagure Idol Jigokuhen” ( C ) Takatoo Rui/Nihon Bungeisha