The latest anime series of “Bakugan”, a toy franchise for boys, “Bakugan Armored Alliance”, has been decided to be streamed online from Apr. 3. The anime series that is already broadcast in the States and Canada can be enjoyed in Japan too.

“Bakugan” is a toy franchised for boys which marbles instantly transform into monsters. The TV anime adaption, “Bakugan Battle Planet”, is being broadcast on 6 TV Tokyo channels from Jan. 2019, and toys related to the anime are also being released.

From Apr. 2020, the latest series, “Bakugan Armored Alliance”, starts off from after the battle of the protagonist Awesome Ones and the golden Bakugan Chiko. The CEO of the global company Dusk Industries, Benton Dusk, who is a supporter of Dan and his friends, holds a global competition of Bakugan Battles called “Baku Game”.
While Dan competes with many rivals along with his partner, Drago, a new crisis approaches Earth.
The infamous wanted alien, Harvick comes to Earth and is plotting to control the Bakugan and the human race. Can Dan and Drago beat the new mighty enemy…?

The new series is also an international co-production of the Canadian entertainment company SPIN MASTER and the anime production NELVANA. It is already being broadcast on Teletoon in Canada from Feb. 16 and on Cartoon Network in the States from Mar. 1. The broadcast in Japan will begin from Apr. 3 on each channel.

The cast members of the new characters have also been revealed. The mysterious kid Ajit, who looks up to the Awesome Ones that saved the world through Bakugan battles, will be voiced by Murata Taishi, and Pharol, the sphinx type golden Bakugan with an easy-going personality, will be voiced by Konoma Moe.
Golden Bakugans usually don't have human partners, but Pharol is Ajit's partner. Let's look forward to the story with new friends.