“Fly me to the Moon”, currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Sunday”, by the mangaka Hata Kenjirou (famous for “Hayate the Combat Butler”, “Seiyu’s Life!”, etc.) will get an anime adaptation. The broadcast is slated on Oct. 2020 and an illustration by Hata is revealed.

The origin of “Fly me to the Moon” is a love comedy manga that is serialized in “Weekly Shounen Sunday” since 2018.
The story depicts a cute and sacred wedding life between the mysterious beauty, Tsukasa and the young boy, Yusaki Nasa. Toward Nasa’s decisive confession after falling in love at first sight with Tsukasa, Tsukasa mysteriously replied: “If we are married, then I will be your girlfriend”.

TV Anime “Fly me to the Moon” will be broadcast on Oct. 2020. Do look out for further news such as the cast announcement.

(C) Hata Kenjirou・Shougakukan/ Fly me to the Moon Production Committee