The main cast information, double designed visuals, and PV with character voices for the TV Anime “Fly Me to The Moon” are released. Kido Akari, who will be voicing Yuzaki Tsukasa, and Enoki Junya as Yuzaki Nasa were announced with their comments.

“Fly Me to the Moon” is a comedy couple work filled with love and happiness by Hata Kenjirou (famous for “Hayate the Combat Butler”, etc.) and it is currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Sunday”.
The story depicts a cute and sacred wedding life between the mysterious beauty, Tsukasa, and the young boy, Yusaki Nasa. Toward Nasa’s decisive confession after falling in love at first sight with Tsukasa, Tsukasa mysteriously replied: “If we would married, then I will be your girlfriend”.

It was determined that Kido Akari will be voicing Yuzaki Tsukasa and Enoki Junya as Yuzaki Nasa. Along with that announcement, the double teaser visual featuring the perspective from Tsukasa and Sana, along with the anime adaptation PV with character voices are released.
The main staff is consists of the director Hiroshi Ikehata, series composer Hyoudou Kazuho, and character designer Sasaki Masakatsu and the animation studio is Seven Arcs.

TV Anime “Fly Me to The Moon” is scheduled to be broadcast from Oct. 2020.

(C)Hata Kenjirou・Shogakukan/Fly Me to The Moon Production Committee