“Detective Conan Police School Episodes Wild Police Story”'s “Episode Date” begins from the 10th issue of “Weekly Shounen Sunday”, which will be on sale from Feb. 5, 2020. The trailer of police school stories, which is played by Fujiwara Keiji, a voice actor who played Date in TV anime, is also available.

“Detective Conan Police School Episodes Wild Police Story” is the new series of “Detective Conan”, which started last year.
The original manga is written by Aoyama Gosho, while the illustration is directed by Arai Takahiro, who directed “The Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time”. The story depicts the life of 5 young men, including Furuya Rei, Matsuda Jinpei, Hagiwara Kenji, Date Wataru, and Morofushi Hiromitsu.

The series is the sequence of “Episode Matsuda”, which is already released, and Date Wataru's hidden past and his passion will be depicted in “Episode Date”.
It will be serialized in 3 consecutive volumes from the 10th issue to the 12th issue. Also, the episodes of 3 other characters will be on “Weekly Shounen Sunday”, though the date has not been decided yet.

In addition, a new service will be held where all applicants will be given “Sitting Stuffed Toys Police School Episodes ver.” from this 10th issue of the magazine. It was designed based on the teaser visual drawn by Aoyama Gosho, and it will come as 5 characters' item set for 7,000 JPY (includes shipping fee). The deadline is Mar. 11, 2020, so please check this out as soon as possible.

“Detective Conan Police School Episodes Wild Police Story” “Episode Date” will be starting ffrom the 10th issue of “Weekly Shounen Sunday” released on Feb. 5, 2020.

(C) Aoyama Gosho・Arai Takahiro/Shogakkan