From the TV anime “Fly Me to the Moon”, the cutscenes featuring a public bath have been released on November 26 “Ii Furo no Hi (the day of good bath)”.
*A wordplay on 1126, which can be read Ii Furo in Japanese, which means good bath.

“Fly Me to the Moon” is based on a comic depicting a couple full of love and happiness, written by Hata Kenjiro and serialized in Shogakukan’s ‘Weekly Shonen Sunday’.
Tsukasa, a mysterious beautiful girl, said “I’ll go out with you, only if you marry me”, when she was asked out by Yuzaki Nasa , and their lovely, cute and precious newly‐married life began.

In this anime, the Arisugawa family, including Kaname and Aya, runs a public bath called “Kusatsu Onsen-style Yuufin”, where Tsukasa and Nasa often goes to take a bath.
To celebrate November 26, “Ii Furo no Hi”, the scenes at the public bath were all released.

“Fly Me to the Moon” is currently broadcast on TOKYO MX and other channels from 1:05 a.m., every Friday.The collaboration project with ‘Raku Spa 1010 Kanda’ is currently available, where you can enjoy a collaboration bath “Tsukasa no Yu”, 2D videos of Tsukasa’s live performances, and original messages.

(C)Hata Kenjiro, Shogakukan / Fly Me to the Moon Production Committee