Voice actor, Taketatsu Ayana tried out “SUUMO Taxi”, which you can ride for free. She talked about taxi-related episodes and how she spent Valentine's day during her interview.

“SUUMO Taxi” is a taxi with the design of SUUMO, the original character of the real estate service “SUUMO”. You can use it for free if the ride is within the 23 Special wards of Tokyo.

“It has a strong presence! SUUMO is so cute!” was Taketatsu's first reaction to seeing the green SUUMO colored taxi. She seemed excited even before the ride. She said, “It's just like a ride in an amusement park!”, commenting on the interior after the ride.

“How come there's a Kotatsu inside a car?!”, she seemed really excited when she got on the rare Kotatsu installed taxi. However, since the car is colored green, she seemed a bit embarrassed from the eyes of the passersby. After the ride, she approvingly said, “It was fun. Time flew by and it was a fresh experience”.

The free ride, “SUUMO Taxi” will be available only from Feb. 14 to Feb. 27, 2020. There are 3 cars and you can catch them while they're cruising or by using the taxi app “DiDi”.

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【Taketatsu Ayana-san interview】
── What was your impression on seeing the SUUMO Taxi?
The eye-catching green coloring was lovely! It was nice to see the giant SUUMO-kun drawn on the side of the car. You will know it's a SUUMO Taxi right as you see it. The Kotatsu inside really surprised me!

── How was your ride on the SUUMO Taxi?
The spacious green seats were very comfortable. SUUMO-kun was looking at me from the other side of the Kotatsu, so we were staring at each other during the whole ride, haha. I kept touching the fluffy green ceiling thinking, “So this is SUUMO-kun's fur”. Both the seats and ceiling were green so it felt like I was inside of SUUMO-kun. I've always wanted to ride the “Catbus” from a certain anime. I think I had a fairly similar experience, haha.

── What are the attractions of the SUUMO Taxi?
First of all, it's a free ride.
The interior is so cute that it will make you feel like a princess. It was just like getting on a ride at an amusement park. It's unfortunate that they're only available for two weeks. I wish they would be around all the time!

── There was a Kotatsu installed on the SUUMO Taxi you got in, right? Do you have a Kotatsu in your room?
When I was a child, we always had a Kotatsu during the winter. It reminded me of that and made me comfortable. I don't have one at the house I live in now. I always think about getting one, but I feel that it may interfere with my everyday life. It makes me so lazy that I don't want to go get a drink or even get in the bath. I think of it as an “Evil Table”, haha.

── I hear you use the taxi a lot. Is there any taxi-related episode you could share?
There was this time when I got in a taxi with a friend in the same industry and the driver was quite a hardcore fan. He (or she) said to me, “Excuse me, but could you be Taketatsu-san? I'm going to your live performance next month! I'm really excited!”.

── Please tell us your ideal room.
I want a spacious kitchen, maybe 3 stoves. I like cooking, but I'm not organized so I need space in order not to make a mess. Having much space makes cleaning up easier too. I do have 3 stoves at my house, but I haven't been able to make the best use of it, haha.

── How did you spend the first Valentine's day of Reiwa?
I had work but I managed to make some chocolate. I made truffles with careful decorations. Of course, I gave some to my husband, but I think I ate most of them with the excuse of tasting it, haha.

── Is there anything you would like to say to the fans?
There are only 3 of the rare SUUMO Taxies in Tokyo. I strongly persuade you to catch a ride. If you get the one and only Kotatsu taxi you are really lucky. Please try looking for it, it will give you a fun and special experience!