“Angry Bird 2”, which is the sequel to the popular game application becoming the movie, “Angry Bird”, will be screened on January 31, 2020. At the same time, it was announced that TaketatsuAyana will challenge for the first time to dub a foreign movie as a Japanese dubbing of the new character Silver. The Japanese original trailer has also been released.

The first work “Angry Bird”, released in 2016, won the first appearance No1 in the United States and also gained popularity all over the world, including hits in 48 countries around the world. Red, who was always angry and couldn’t get along well with his fellow birds, struggles to regain his fellows’ eggs, which were taken away by the Pigs.

In this work, **Angry Bird 2**With Bird and Piggy Island getting into a desperate situation that shakes the two islands, Birds and Pigs finally form a tag.

In this work, Shinobu Sakagami is in charge of the main character Red, the same as the previous work. Other names include Takeda, Katsu Anri, Nomura Kenji , i Iwasaki Hirosh,Yamadera Koichi and Kujira.

Voices of Sakagami, Takedatsu,and others are included in the Japanese original trailer.

The movie “Angry Bird 2” will be be relesed for limited release at United Cinema Cineplex from January 31, 2020.
In addition, Blu-ray & DVD set will be released on March 4, 2020.

[Red role: Sakagami Shinobu]

It is unbelivable. I can meet Red again!
Red and other characters becomes cuter than the previous one, and the story is throbbing…
And cynical Red having a girlfriend !
This movie can be enjoyed by both children and adults, please enjoy it with your family.

[Silver role: Ayana Taketatsu]

This time, I will be appearing as Silver!
Silver is a very smart girl.
Please take a look at Silver ,Red ,and their friends helping each other and cheer for them!

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