Relaxation app “cocorus” announced the 3rd installment in the “Popular Voice Actor x Mindfulness Collaboration” series, with voice actress Taketatsu Ayana being in charge of the narration of the mindfulness meditation content.

“Popular voice actor x Mindfulness collaboration” app “cocorus” is a relaxation app for smartphones, focusing on the important “voice” in the guide narration of mindfulness meditation that guides the user to relaxation. The project features a voice actor as a guest narrator. Mindfulness content narrated by Fukuyama Jun narrated in the 1st collaboration and Suwabe Junichi in the 2nd collaboration are also available.

The 3rd collaboration will be the first to use a female voice actor with Taketatsu Ayana, well-known for her roles as Nakano Azusa in "K-on!", Nakano Nino in "The Quintessential Quintuplets" , "Sword Art Online" Leafa / Kirigaya Naoha, and Takasaka Kirino in "My little sister cannot be this cute".
Taketatsu Ayana was in charge of the mindfulness content which helps the user to be able to do "relaxing meditation to feel nature", relieving stress and heart toxins. It uses an applied muscle relaxation method that is effective when the mind is excited and sleepless.

The mindfulness meditation content narration which Taketatsu Ayana was in charge of, will be distributed on “cocorus” from Dec. 11, 2019. The official “cocorus” Twitter account will also have a follow-and-retweet campaign with give-ways of cards with Taketatsu Ayana's autograph on them.

▼ Mindfulness content narrated by Taketatsu Ayana
1) “Relaxing meditation to feel nature”
Mindfulness content that relieves stress and purifies heart toxins by breathing in the energy of nature with an image of beautiful nature in your mind.
2) “When you're sleepless and agitated”
Drift off to sleep with mindfulness meditation that applies effective muscle relaxation when the spirit is excited and awakened.

■ A Twitter campaign to receive a card signed by Taketatsu Ayana !
From Wednesday, Dec. 11, we will start a Twitter follow-and-retweet campaign where three people will be drawn and win cards autographed by Taketatsu Ayana.
Simply follow the “cocorus” official Twitter account (@cocorus_app) and retweet the tweets to complete your application.
▼ Application period
From Dec. 11, 2019 (Wednesday) to Dec. 25, 2019 (Wednesday) 23:59
* The winner's will be announced via direct mail.
▼ Autographed card application procedure
1) Follow “cocorus” official Twitter account
cocorus Official Twitter account: Relaxation app [cocorus] (@cocorus_app)
2) Retweet the campaign target tweets