Animated film “Sayonara, Tyrano” will be released in early Summer 2020 with Shizuno Koubun (known for “Detective Conan” movie series) as director and Satou Dai (known for “Cowboy Bebop”) as screenwriter. The cast includes big names such as Miki Shinichirou as Tyrano, a strong tyrannosaurus afraid of the dark, Ishihara Kaori as Punon, a young female pteranodon that can’t fly but is always optimistic, and Yuuki Aoi as Tops, a triceratops youngling.

“Sayonara, Tyrano” is an animated film based on works including Miyanishi Tatsuya’s picture book tyrannosaurus series “Zutto Zutto Isshodayo” (Poplar Publishing).

The setting is the age of the dinosaurs, where everything lays in ruins as the ice age approaches. Punon, a young female pteranodon that can’t fly and is looking for “heaven” in that world and Tyrano, a tyrannosaurus widely regarded as the earth’s strongest being, meet. And the two begin a journey to find the sole paradise on earth, “heaven”.

On the other hand, gorgosaurus who plot to take Tyrano’s position as being the “strongest on earth” chase after them relentlessly. Will Tyrano, Punon, and Tops, the triceratops youngling who got separated from its parents that they met along the way, be able to reach “heaven”? And is that heaven truly a paradise…?

This work is directed by Shizuno Koubun, who has worked on “Detective Conan” movie series, and is written by Satou Dai, known for the story writer of “Cowboy Bebop”, and “Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX”‘s Storyriders. Tezuka Productions is in charge of the animation production. Sakamoto Ryuichi is in charge of the music that will accompany the fun and dangerous expedition of the dinosaurs.

The cast includes Miki Shinichirou as Tyrano, Ishihara Kaori as Punon, and Yuuki Aoi as Tops. Big names such as Konishi Katsuyuki, Inoue Kikuko, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Hiyama Nobuyuki as well as Ishizuka Unshou will play supporting characters in the story.

A teaser visual was also released. It’s a touching image depicting “A warmhearted adventure story about bonds and friendship'”.

The movie “Sayonara, Tyrano” will be released nationwide in early summer 2020.

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