The original anime “GREAT PRETENDER” is scheduled to be broadcast on Fuji TV “+ Ultra” from Jul. 2020. In addition, the cast members, teaser visual and teaser PV have been announced.
This work is a crime story which includes the following staff; Sadamoto Yoshiyuki as character designer (known for “Neon Genesis Evangelion”), Kaburagi Hiro as director (known for “91Days”), WIT STUDIO for the animation production (known for “Attack on Titan”), and Kosawa Ryouta as scriptwriter (known for the drama “The Confidence Man JP”), who for the first time will be working for an anime series' script.

“GREAT PRETENDER” is essentially about “the strongest deception (con game)”.
The story depicts the adventure of a novice swindler named Edamura Masato, a self-proclaimed “Japan's greatest swindler”, who was tricked by a conman (swindler) and mafia leader, Laurent Thierry. From that moment, the protagonist will be involved in an incredible “con game” traveling around the world.

The main staff includes eminent members coming from various different genres; Kaburagi Hiro as director (known for “Hozuki's Coolheadedness” and “91 Days”), Kosawa Ryouta as scriptwriter (known for “Always: Sunset on Third Street” and “The Confidence Man JP”), Sadamoto Yoshiyuki as character designer (known for “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Summer Wars”), and WIT STUDIO for the animation production of “known for “Attack on Titan” and “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” ).

Regarding the voice actors, the cast includes; Kobayashi Chiaki playing Edamura Masato (Edamame), Suwabe Junichi playing Laurent Thierry, a French conman who travels around the world, Fujiwara Natsumi playing Abigail “Aby” Jones, a conman with excellent reflexes, and Sonozaki Mie playing Paula Dickins, an expert FBI investigator.
In the teaser visual and teaser PV, you can get a glimpse of their unique personality. What kind of “strongest deception (con game)” will be shown in the main story? Keep high your expectations for the broadcast.

It started in Apr. 2020 on Fuji TV's "Noitamina" slot and gained attention for its opening theme song by SixTONES, but unfortunately, due to the spread of COVID-19, the broadcast has been postponed after the 3rd episode. The broadcast will re-start from the 1st episode on Fuji TV's "Noitamina" slot from Jul. 16. Check out the unseen success off-the-wall detective Daisuke and his buddy Haru. "Get Up! Get Live!" "Get Up! Get Live!" is a "Voice Actor × 2D Comedian" project in which popular male voice actors put on comedy live shows as a duo. Several boys live together in the dorm of the comedian training school "SSS". They have clashes and conflict between the members, jealousy towards their peers, admiration towards their seniors, disappointment with the industry, anxiety about future, dark backgrounds, etc. The anime depicts the boys striving to become the best comedians in Japan and the world by overcoming hardships along with their friends while being at the mercy of these obstacles and the dark side of the glamourous world. The cast members portraying the passionate bonds in the anime are all popular male voice actors. "Stardust" is a resonating childhood friend duo of Uehara Junya voiced by Hanae Natsuki-san and Higashizawa Kaede voiced by Nishiyama Koutarou-san. "Kikuichimonji" is an incongruous, bumpy duo of Machida Sena voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki-san and Oono Toranosuke voiced by Ishikawa Kaito-san. "6" is a trendy duo of Kitami Ren voiced by Azakami Youhei-san and Komae Kazuma voiced by Kumagai Kentarou-san. "Hayashima", which dominates Kansai, is the prodigy brother duo of Hayashima Azuma voiced by Amasaki Kouhei-san and Hayashima Nakaba voiced by Kajiwara Gakuto-san. And the up-and-coming scriptwriter Karakida Nanao is voiced by Konishi Katsunori-san. In addition, Mukai Seitarou-san, a current member of the comedy duo "Tenshin", takes part in the planning, and light novelist Watari Wataru, known for "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected" and "Girlish Number", works on the story. So far, the project has been presented as a live comedy performance by "comedians portrayed by voice actors". "Get Up! Get Live! 1st Live" was performed in May 2019 and the "2nd Live" was performed in Feb. 2020. The short anime "Get Up! Get Live!" starts on Jul. 10. How will each duo present themselves? How will the story develop? Also, don't forget to check out episode 0, which is uploaded on YouTube from Jul. 3, to enjoy the anime even more. "GREAT PRETENDER" "GREAT PRETENDER" is an original crime entertainment anime about the "greatest con game" played by con artists. The rookie con artist Edamura Makoto (a.k.a. Edamame) proclaims that he is "Japan's No.1 con artist". The story begins with him being tricked by Laurent Thierry, a con artist that even manipulates the mafia. It depicts Edamura being embroiled in the worldwide "con game" on an overwhelming scale. This anime is the first TV anime series written and composed by Furusawa Ryouta, the scriptwriter of "The Confidendenceman JP". It also has Sadamoto Yoshiyuki-san, known for "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", as character designer, Kaburagi Hiro-san, known for "91 Days" and "Kimi ni Todoke", as director, and WIT STUDIO, known for "Attack on Titan" and "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress", will be working on the animation. Eminent names from different genres got together for this title. It is currently available on Netflix and will begin its long-awaited terrestrial broadcast on Fuji TV's "+Ultra" slot and other channels from Jul. 8, 2020. How do Edamame, the self-proclaimed "Japan's No.1 con artist" voiced by Kobayashi Chiaki-san, and Laurent, the gifted con artist voiced by Suwabe Junichi, pull off their tricks? Let's look forward to the con artist duo's stunning schemes.