The teaser PV of the original TV anime “LISTENERS”, which was created by the tag team Jin of “Kagerou Project” and the scriptwriter Satou Dai of “Eureka Seven”, has been released. In addition, Takahashi Rie will be cast as the heroine Myuu, Ando Hiroaki will be the director, and MAPPA will be in charge of the animation production.

“LISTENERS” is set in a world where the concept of music ceases to exist. The road movie begins when a boy meets Myuu, a mysterious girl who has an input jack on her body, and from that moment, they will start traveling around the world together.
Takahashi Rie will be the voice of Myuu, the heroine of this work. Ando Hiroaki (known for “Ajin: Demi-Human”) will join the staff as director, along with MAPPA (known for “Yuri on Ice” and “Zombie Land Saga”) in charge of the animation production.

Further details such as the broadcast period of the TV anime “LISTENERS” are currently undecided, but information regarding the world view, characters, casts etc., are scheduled to be released on the talk program “LISTENERS GIG” featuring Jin, Satou Dai, and Takahashi Rie. If you are interested, please check it out!
“LISTENERS GIG” will be broadcast on Youtube LIVE, Periscope and others on Feb. 1.

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