In commemoration of the 15th anniversary of Key’s SF emotional “planetarian”, the crowdfunding project aiming to visualize the spin-off novel “Snow Globe” has ended in a success with a total funding of 77,980,000 JPY that is 260% of the initial targeted amount.

“Crowdfunding project for the OVA adaptation of ‘planetarian ~Snow Globe~'” was held at the crowdfunding service “CAMPFIRE” on Nov. 29, 2019. The attempt to visualize the prequel episode of “planetarian” had attracted a lot of passionate supports from the fans, reaching a total funding of 30,000,000 JPY in just two days after it had started. At that point, the production of the OVA “planetarium ~Snow Globe~” was decided.

After that, the support in “CAMPFIRE” did not stop and it had reached 200% of the initial targeted amount which is 60,000,000 JPY two days before the project end date.
Moreover, a new 75,000,000 JPY stretch award was newly created, and it was achieved on the project end on Jan. 24. The result for this crowdfunding was great as it had a total of 2,445 supported with the total funding of 77,980,000JPY which is 260% of the initial targeted amount.

OVA”planetarian ~Snow Globe” is scheduled to be completed in Sep. 2020.

(C)VisualArt's/Key/planetarian project