The first live-action film adaptation of “Getter Robo” has been decided and is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2025, the 50th anniversary of the film. In preparation for this, a crowdfunding campaign will be held for two weeks until April 19, 2023 to raise funds for the production of a “pilot film” that brings together advanced special effects, digital and special modeling footage.

“Getter Robo” is an anime that was serialized in “Weekly Shōnen Sunday” from 1974 to 1975 by Nagai Go and Ishikawa Ken, and broadcast on Fuji Television. It is known as a milestone in giant robot works, and is called the originator of combining and incorporating elements.
The three “Getter Machines” (Eagle, Jaguar, and Bear) are combined by three pilots. The three machines transform into three types of giant robots, “Getter 1,” “Getter 2,” and “Getter 3,” depending on the battle situation, to confront the Dinosaur Empire, which aims to annihilate the human race.

While the animated TV version had a good-good/punishable-evil content that could be appreciated by younger viewers, Ishikawa Ken’s serialization depicted a violent and hard-hitting development that is still supported by enthusiastic fans today. The series will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2025 as a work that meets a wide range of demands for both anime and manga over a long period of time.

The first live-action film adaptation, which has now been confirmed, will be produced, directed, and written by Okabe Junya, who has worked on “Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend,” “Cat Shit One,” “Bravestorm,” and “ZVP (Zatoichi vs. Predator)”. He is poised to create a live-action version of “Getter Robo,” a modern take on the outlaw, violence, and action of the manga version of Getter Robo by Nagai Go and Ishikawa Ken.

Preparations are currently underway for the movie release of this work in the spring of 2025, the 50th anniversary of Getter Robo. The manga version of Getter Robo has many attractive but extremely difficult visual images. In order to best visualize these images, they are currently planning visual prototypes and test images of special effects and VFX with domestic and overseas creators.

Normally, this would be done within the film’s budget and schedule, but the usual budget scale of Japanese films requires various compromises at the start. However, the mission of the live-action version of “Getter Robo” is to surpass conventional live-action Japanese films based on manga and anime. As a means to achieve this goal, they are planning to produce a “pilot film (3 to 5 minutes),” which will be treated as a separate project from the main film production budget. The funds for this project will be raised through crowdfunding by “Getter Robo” fans and those who have high expectations for the live-action version of “Getter Robo”.

Crowdfunding is currently being conducted on “CAMPFIRE” for Japan for a limited period of about two weeks until April 19. The project will also be launched on “Kickstarter” for the international market in early April. Returns will include the right to view the pilot online before the film is released to the public, an advance look at the making of the film, and a name in the end roll credits.

The live-action “Getter Robo” movie is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2025. Please look forward to hearing more news in the future.