The support crowdfunding to hype up the summer 2021 anime, “Spirit Chronicles” has started at 6:00 PM, on July 6, 2021, on the anime specialized crowdfunding, “Anime Fund”.

The project “TV Anime ‘Spirit Chronicles’ Support Crowdfunding” is entertainment-type crowdfunding that is linked to the TV anime, and a new course will open up for every appearance of new characters that will help you to enjoy the work more after watching the anime.

The first course and after the broadcast of episode 1 is the “Main Protagonist: Rio”.
The crowdfunding has prepared extravagant lineups of returns, such as the replicate art, dubbing script, and 1 unique return.

“TV Anime ‘Spirit Chronicles’ Support Crowdfunding” will be held from 6:00 PM, on July 6 to 1:00 AM, on October 1.
Detailed information can be found on the support webpage

(C) Kitayama Yuri, Hobby Japan/ “Spirit Chronicles” Production Committee